ChickenGrillFusion of Flavors

YaMON is a family owned restaurant located on Park Ave, and just a walk from Clark University. Our family’s Jamaican descent boasts a unique cultural heritage, fused from various nationalities so we have taken such unique flair and captured it in our amazing food.  YaMON provides Worcester , a richly flavored cuisine with the aromatic spices found on a Road Side Street Pan or in the island's kitchens.  One of the most popular fusion of flavors created is the jerk marinade.  The spicy sauce includes many island ingredients.   Jamaica’s culture is deeply integrated in celebration, music, food and family so it is our joy to share this culture and passion with you.  Our staff shares  our desire to be a family restaurant  so  we treat  each customer  as one.

So come on down “NYAM” some food and enjoy a “IRIE” time.  !!!!Ya MON!!!

Tasty Jerk Chicken - "So Wha inna it"

If you don't understand, that means " What's in it". But wait... No Problem Mon....we are in WOOSTA, so it should be easy.

The main ingredients in our sauce are allspice and scotch bonnet pepper. We strive to source locally but allspice just do not grow in Woosta so we import them from Miss Shirleys farm located in the beautiful parish of Trelawny, Jamaica. We also work with local farmers ( 50 -100 miles) to get other ingredients.

Indulge in the original culinary dishes inspired by authentic Jamaican family recipes from our hometown, some old, some re-invented with a modern twist.  Our irie staff will guide you through the perfect dish from our signature jerk chicken to a curry goat dish.